Tyra Banks Is Still Wearing Crazy Gold Mask

Tyra Banks has been walking around with this bizarre eyebrow jewelry. My first thought was Tyra did the Lady Gaga look all wrong. She appeared on ‘Good Morning America’ and host Robin Roberts wanted to know whats was up with the glittery wing above her eye. Banks explains that in her fourth book titled Modelland, she’s created this fantasy world, and if you find the piece of jewelry called a “smize” your chances will increase of getting into the most exclusive school in the world.

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Banks explainsI look up to Walt Disney and what he has done. That’s what I want to do for young women and women around the entire world. ‘And I feel like the message of empowering women and expanding the definition of beauty is bigger than me. I want years from now for people to be experiencing Modelland or whatever it is and for the mom to go, “You know that was a girl named Tyra who started that,” and that girl is like, ‘Really? Who cares? Let’s go on this ride!’ or let’s do this or let’s read this book or watch this show.”

Banks has recently enrolled into the Harvard Business School’s Executive Education Owner/President Management Program (OPM). This program attracts CEO’s and presidents of companies with sales anywhere from the millions to billions. I hope Tyra Banks wont be bold enough to walk around Harvard with that gold mask above her eye.