Tyler Posey Talks About Colton Haynes’ Exit From ‘Teen Wolf’ As He Turns 21 In Vegas! [PHOTOS]

Look out, girls. There’s a new guy that is about to be hitting the young Hollywood club/bar scene! Most 21-year-olds celebrate their first official alcoholic beverages in a bar, among friends, and Tyler Posey is no different, down to earth guy that he is.

The Teen Wolf actor spent his special day in none other than the debauchery capitol of the world itself– Las Vegas. Reports from the party claim that Posey and a group of his friends had dinner at Botero restaurant at Encore Las Vegas, before really celebrating the actors birthday at Tryst Nightclub in the Wynn Hotel. The group partied in the VIP section of the club and took celebratory shots of Patron, as the DJ played Michael Jackson’s Thriller, as a tribute to Posey’s werewolf character on the MTV show. A three layer cake was then brought to the table, Teen Wolf themed, of course.

Among the guests at the club were cast mates Dylan O’Brien, Colton Haynes, and Holland Roden. Haynes and Roden, although not pictured, reportedly spent most of the night together, cuddling in the back corners of the club. Speculations have been brewing between the 2 actors (who play love interests onscreen) and the reports of the events at the party aren’t doing anything to deter that. Hmmmm. One does wonder!

Pictured or not, Haynes was probably there to support Posey, and to spend as much time with his cast mates as possible, considering his recent announcement of his departure from the show. Despite his character developing a major story arch within the show, Haynes has decided not to return for season 3, that premieres next year, much to dismay of his fellow cast members. Posey, who regards Haynes as his “best friend” spoke at New York Comic-Con about Haynes’ upcoming exit, “It’s disappointing news. Colton is a friend, he’s a good friend. We’re going to leave the door open for him to come back if he so decides, but I think Colton has to do what’s best for him and his career. It’s show business, and some people have to move on if they feel they have to do something else creatively. Colton’s a good actor, and he’s going to have a fine career.” With a face like Haynes’, I’m sure Posey is right.

With such nice words, it’s no wonder that Haynes attended the Vegas bash of his cast mate! No word yet on how his absence will leave the context of the show, but we’ll keep you posted as season 3 details unfold!

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