Tyler Posey Looks Sexy In A Coconut Bra, Danced On Jennifer Lopez At The 2014 Teen Choice Awards

Important question: can Tyler Posey host everything? Because aside from that kick-ass body of his, he’s also adorable.

The Teen Wolf star was pretty much perfection as host of the 2014 Teen Choice Awards, especially when he donned a coconut bra and grass skirt. Someone get me a Mai Tai and it’s like I’m back in Hawaii.

Tyler took his sexy hula girl look backstage, where he posed with his Maid in Manhattan mom, Jennifer Lopez

Not only did they pose together, Tyler even “auditioned” to be one of her dancers during the show. There were hip swivels and butt movements. You can appreciate it all in the video below.

And here’s some extra Tyler cuddling with Colton Haynes cuteness for you.

Once again, I love Tyler Posey. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of his hula look from last night’s show. I’m quite loving the kissy faces he and Jennifer Lopez are making. And to think, he used to look like this.