Tyler Blackburn Shows Off His Guns As He Strolls On The Beach

Tyler Blackburn Paries
The 'Pretty Little Liars' star leaves Chateau Marmont
What up super sexy Tyler Blackburn? Look at you owning the muscles shirt look.

The Pretty Little Liars star looked to be having quite the lovely time as he was spotted strolling along the beach in Maui. Also, when did Tyler cut his hair and how did I miss it? Not that I didn’t love his long hair look, but oh my god does he look fantastic with a short, messy do.

Have you been keeping up with Tyler’s vacation Instagrams? 

Because if you haven’t, you should. I do so love a man who posts shirtless selfies. Well, as long as the man is attractive.

And Tyler definitely is. Wait, he technically didn’t take that photo himself, so I guess it’s not a selfie? Whatever, I love it.

OK Tyler, next time you go to Maui will you please take me with you? I would appreciate that. And I promise that you, dear reader, will appreciate all the photos of Tyler on the beach. Launch the gallery to check it all out. He is seriously so pretty.