Ty Pennington and His Little Legs Enjoy the Beach

December 21st, 2007 // 12 Comments

Ha! So, I know this is just a really goofy angle of Ty, but how awesome is it that it looks like his legs are absolutely tiny and might even be fake ones? And yes, the perspective’s totally skewed, but his feet look like they’re on the smallish side like for real. Here he is with his girlfriend, Drea Brock, enjoying a day at the beach in Miami Florida. They make a very tan, low-fat-looking couple who appear to have no intention of moving from their respective spots on their lounge chairs. And the funny thing is that they look like they’ll probably be doing much the same activities when they’re old, grey and their skin looks like leather.

Photos: INFDaily.com

More photos of Ty Pennington and his girlfriend enjoying a day at the beach in Miami after the jump.

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Photos: INFDaily.com

By Lisa Timmons

  1. That sure is a wonky view!! OMG!!

  2. T

    I assume it’s because this picture was taken from very far away and cropped or superzoomed. Since the picture makes it seem like you’re supposed to be right in front of him, where his feet would look superlarge from perspective, it looks weird because they have the perspective of someone a million meters away.


  3. There simply aren’t many other things he is able to do. At this position he causes the less harm!!

  4. kellygrrrl

    he’s with a girl?
    I thought he was gay

  5. Quiche Lorraine

    what do you mean WHEN their skin looks like leather…it already does.

  6. Ugh

    Am I the only one that can’t stand him?

  7. Shafonda

    It’s crazy legs, y’all!

  8. Sally

    well he looks sooo dam stupid he is an idiot

  9. hazel_eye_gemini

    IS HE GAY??OH GOD I HOPE NOT!!his face is goregous!!!<3(ya knw for a guy thats 41)

  10. flaky

    hes so hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Katherine Dye

    Wow is that angle right?If so,my feet are bigger than his!What does he wear,a size 6?

  12. Penningtonfan

    HE ISN’T GAY! -.-

    He’s a cutie and he’s the best man on earth! <3

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