Two Hot Bitches On “24″ This Season

August 21st, 2007 // 8 Comments

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a slut for “24″. I want clocks counting down, and explosions, and Jack looking pissed, and Chloe looking stank, and fistfights. But this past season went way downhill for some reason. I think it might have been that annoying child. Anyway, things are looking up! Why? Because Janeane Garafalo and Cherry Jones are joining the cast! HOT DAMN! This is the kind of fresh we need up in here!

The über-liberal actress has signed on for the seventh season of Fox’s conservative-leaning, clock-ticking drama, according to published reports.

The comedian and activist is the second major addition to the 24 cast in recent weeks, following last month’s casting of Tony winner Cherry Jones as the series’ commander in chief.

I know people will be like, uh, Garafalo is a cranky bitch but I don’t think so. I think she’s funny and neurotic. People with problems make the best comedy. And Cherry? Let me tell ya a little bit about Ms. Cherry Jones. J. Harvey knew her back when he was a little tyke and she’s tremendous. A fantastic actress and human being. With these two joining Chloe, 24 will be unstoppable. Now just bring back Jean Smart as the first lady and Secret Service hotness Aaron and my television season is made. Oh god, I am such a slut for this show.

By J. Harvey

  1. TornBetweenJackandTony

    I am a total 24 slut too. But if you are going to bring back Martha and Aaron (who is the best guy EVER), then bring back the Silver Fox, Bill Buchanan. When he flew the helicopter to the oil rig in last season’s finale, I think I fell in love…

  2. dadsurfah

    Janeane Garafalafalo hasnt said one funny thing in her whole life. “President Bush is so stupid” is just not funny, unless you’re an America hating, man hating bitch like this cunt. Oh yeah, who the hell said she could act? She was an abysmal failure on “Air Unamerica” and she’ll be joining 24 just in time to ride the ship to the bottom of the ratings ocean. Too bad.

  3. mutterhals

    I’ve loathed Janeane ever since I heard she named her production company “I Hate Myself”.

  4. dammitjanet

    Oh, J, I am a HUGE slut for 24! I have heard rumors that Tony Almeida, the Hispanic Jack, will be back. Of course, now we all now he has been undercover as Lilo’s bodyguard, but, hey, dude’s gotta make a living. As long as there is no sign of “I suck the air out of every scene I am in” Audrey, I am good. I CAN’T WAIT!!! Oh, and can we have more Jack nekkidness? just asking….

  5. sandy

    I can’t stand Garafalo. I never could. She is a miserable b!tch.

  6. T-Bone

    Not a fan of Garfalo either, although enjoyed Truth about Cats and Dogs (I think she was in that).

  7. Jesse D is a total slut for 24

    Soooooo…. Bush is stupid = America hating? Hmmmmm methinks you attended Dumbass U.

    Jeanine Garofalo is awesome, Jean Smart is awesome, AARON IS AWESOME, and yes for the lovagod, bring back Bill Buchanan!! But yes, indeed, keep Audrey away.

  8. NSC

    Hasn’t she joined some other shows right before they were cancelled? She was midly charming in a few movies but mostly is just a cuter Rosie. Let’s hope Jack has to off her in an episode.

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