Two Can Play At That Game

Madonna branched out into the world of fashion and designing with her line for H&M, receiving love/hate reviews. However, Madge understandably wasn’t the only mind behind the collection. Stella McCartney helped the diva with her dabble into the world of design and Madonna happily offered to return the favor to her friend, should the occasion arise.

“I asked her for fashion advice and I told her, if she ever wanted to do a record, I’d gladly help out.”

I love celebs and their superpowers. It must be nice to morph into any career path you feel like. Today, I feel like a surgeon. I think I will go save lives and this afternoon, I feel like becoming a food critic for lunch. Then, I’ll kick it the rest of the evening as…hmmm…what the hell, how about an astronaut? They have room service in space right?

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