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Okay, I know this is absolutely terrible, but it had to be posted.

Image Courtesy of [TVgasm]


  1. txkingpin

    funny but i think you’re having size issues

  2. erica

    That’s so mean!

  3. Aly

    Although you acknowledged that being terrible apparently it didn’t bother you enough to stop from making a joke at the expensive of a very tragic event. I love SL for gossip and funny pics, etc but this time it was truly distasteful, something I never expected from this website!

  4. Nan Mora

    Bad idea………….wow bad idea

  5. erica

    come on now people- if you didn’t have a sense of humor you wouldn’t be here….of course we recognize the tradgic life of terri shiavo- but don’t we joke about all things serious at some point regardless! get over it

  6. natalie

    Get a sense of humour, that is funny. Don’t take life so seriously!

  7. King Smart Ian

    Remind me which is the vegetable?

  8. Ronald McDonald House

    Teri’s family chose to make a side show of her, starting with those videotapes that were supposed to be Teri joyfully interacting with her mother! If you’re truly concerned about Teri’s legacy, send your stupid letter to Teri’s parents! You’re wasting your ‘outrage’ posting on this site.

  9. maggiesmommy

    Tragedy + Time = Comedy.

    Terri Schaivo was dead for a very long time before her husband finally pulled the plug. I agree with the comment that if you take exception to this, send a letter to Terri’s wacked parents.

  10. erica

    I so did not paste comment # 6! I swear!

  11. fat mary kate

    f*ck terri schiavo. she bulimified her life away & karma is a muthafkka!.. if you lived HERE you’d feel the same.. this broad was in the paper & news everyday for what 10 years?.. thats a fkkin joke.. thank YOUUUU for the entertainment.. the laguna beach monster is 10times more disgusting than terri tho

  12. PinkRose

    That was wrong on so many levels.
    This is coming from some who CAN take a joke and not get offended easily.

  13. LuvChoo

    Tasteless, but not offensive. You people should get over yourselves. When her parents decided to parade the poor girl in front of God and everybody for their OWN means, this is a consequence.

  14. mischa


  15. alexis

    i admit it, i laughed. and i laughed at ian’s comment.

  16. Observer

    omg…..u people scare me…..truly heartless….

  17. mam

    i saw this a couple months ago..

  18. Randy

    Yea. That’s pretty terrible.

  19. mam

    and I think its funny that she looks like her…i dont think it’s that cruel. Tragedies happen in peoples lives just like Terry Schiavo, not every story is publicized like her’s.

    I dont see where all the outrage is coming from about this stupid joke.

    I dont get the size issue thing from the first post?

  20. groper

    who is the blonde chick and why is she being compared to terri schiavo? someone help meeeee!

  21. Delaney

    Wrong on so many different levels. I’ll be going to other gossip sites from now on. I can handle a joke and it takes A LOT to offend me but this is just heartless and cruel, shame on you.

  22. Kidney Stoner

    So Long , Delaney!

  23. al

    Ive already seen this on a few gossip sites so I guess you’ll be going to NO gossip sites Delaney.

    Groper: The blond chick is Casey from Laguna Beach on MTV-the pseudo reality show.

  24. Andy W

    In almost every post someone claims they’ve “seen this a couple months ago”. Cite the reference and prove yourself. Otherwise cease your tired attempts at one-upmanship. Go elsewhere to be entertained. Put more simply, go fuck yourself.

  25. Christine

    That’s too funny. Schiavo rocks!

  26. joo

    geez, people….. its funny. chill out.

  27. Kelly burr

    I have always enjoyed this website for fun celeb gossip but I guess it is time to find a new site.

  28. netty

    Gosh its about time someone said who this blonde chick was. Its funny making fun of her but not Terri!

  29. kirk

    Ahhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not that funny actually but if you’ve noticed the nature of this site it’s all about the sleazy headlines. How else would you make money off this ad ridden site?

  30. meddy

    Truly grand!

  31. Der...

    I don’t get the ‘size issue’ comment, either. Anyone?

  32. Sorry, Socialite

    Isn’t the person that usually posts on vacation? We should cut the temp some slack and stop commenting that we’ve seen some of this shit before. After all, most sites stop posting all together during breaks.

  33. bratbastid

    A lot of people need to lighten up…

  34. groper

    Thanks for telling me who the blond chick is – I suppose the next question is why is she being compared to terri? I know terri died essentially from a brain related problem due to bulimia. I like this site too much not to come back but some people are getting seriously pissed about it, and i just don’t get it. Colour me duh.

  35. Laura Lord Belle

    Um! this does not bother me. It is funny BECAUSE we are meant to laugh at the blond chick from Laguna beach NOT Terry Schiavo!!

    Simmer down people!!

  36. Jenn

    When is Miu coming back? I don’t find any humor in this. It is quite tasteless. It’s still making fun of someone who passed away, regardless of what kind of publicity she got or the cause of her passing. I think this is crossing the line.

  37. gold digger

    umm who ever is coving for miu sucks
    i have a sense of humor. but this isnt funny

  38. Christine

    This is humor people. Get over yourselves.

  39. Lame

    gold digger is right. This kind of humor is base. It’s just not creative, nor interesting. It would be funny to a group of 3rd graders.

  40. lucy

    I think these two ladies also look a lot like Ashlee Simpson

  41. wake up people


  42. Rachel

    Would you feed a milkshake to an eggplant?

  43. Lisa

    Whatever your feelings are…43 posts and counting……….

  44. King Smart Ian

    Where is it written that just because you’re in a persistent vegetative state, you can’t put a little more effort into your appearance? Terry’s hair looks pretty limp and stringy and a pair of tweezers could have cleaned up those eyebrows.

  45. julie

    ha! i knew casey looked familiar.
    you guys are all silly, this is the funniest thing i’ve seen since the terry schiavo blog.

  46. al

    ok ANDY W! I saw this on about two months ago…i have also seen it on several other sites which I can not remember because i was busy having a life outside of blogland.

    Yes Laura Lord! that is the only reason why I think it’s funny, that that scary girl from Laguna looks like somebody!

  47. Andy W

    Link us to the posting on then. Lies all lies.

  48. Chris

    Are you people blind? The link is on the post and TVgasm’s logo is on the picture.

  49. whiteraevyn

    So she looks like Terri Schiavo, how is that mean to the memory of Terri? Why is that out of line? Say the blogger had drawn a comparison to another dead person, like JFK or Jayne Mansfield, would you have had the same reaction? Probably not.

    I don’t understand why people are “offended”, let alone people who didn’t even know her, and whose closest interaction with her was through the idiot box. The only reason you have an opinion about Terri Schiavo is because of the media’s relentless coverage over something that happens all the time. Families have battles over pulling the plug ALL THE DAMNED TIME. Just because CNN covers it doesn’t make it unique, it’s for ratings.

    Get over yourselves and chill the fuck out.

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