Twilight’s Bronson Pelletier Attacked!

First of all, don’t worry; he’s ok!

Bronson Pelletier, whose name never fails to remind me of Bronson Pinchot, was assaulted recently at a Twilight fan expo in Birmingham, England.  The biggest surprise is that Bronson’s nose was broken by four drunk men, not a mob of teenage girls!

The four men were actually attending a wedding being held at the same Hilton hotel as the fan event, and attacked Bronson in the men’s room.  All four men were arrested, but only two were held.  No one knows the reason for the attack.

Don’t feel too sorry for Bronson.  First of all, he’s 28.  He’s a grown up.  One who’s been supposedly training daily to buff up for Breaking Dawn, so chances are he probably got some wolf ninja moves in there (Bronson plays Jared the werewolf in New Moon and Eclipse).  Secondly, those guys are gonna have to fork over some cash for touching that precious face.  No one touches the money maker!  Thirdly, he should’ve had the wolf pack with him to back him up.  Although, for some reason, I imagine that when attacked, they would break into choreographed dance, a la West Side Story.

Also, can you imagine being the bride at that wedding and finding out that a couple of your rowdy guests roughed up a movie star!  I’d sue them for ruining my wedding!  Even if they’re family members!

Anyway, here are some hilarious pictures of Jared with his old nose in Malibu last August.  Not exactly ‘blue steel,’ but he’s still bringing the sex-ay!