‘Twilight’ Wolf Pack Launches ‘Be The Shift’

The Twilight Saga has some heavy artillery backing up Jacob (Taylor Lautner) in the form of his wolf pack.

Lead by Chaske Spencer, as Sam, the Twilight wolves are on the side that actually have beating hearts and they’re showing those warm hearts in real-life by using the promotion of Eclipse to launch “Be the Shift.”

The launch, held at Industry in West Hollywood yesterday, had the pack and then some in attendance.

“It’s a platform so I can use that and I can bring things into an awareness because I’m just an actor,” said Spencer in our exclusive interview with About.com. “Be the Shift” helps create awareness for pressing issues affecting Native Americans and promotes “dignity, justice, unity, and accountability.”

Are you getting a cuddly, warm feeling towards these wolves? I am. I love when a man shows how big his heart is under that brooding chest.

Visit BeTheShift.tv for more information.