Twilight Is Turning On The Boys

After Eclipse’s stellar opening weekend (which didn’t break records, but hey, was it really necessary?) it’s become pretty clear: boys are definitely turning on to Twilight. The opening weekend audience for Eclipse was 35 percent male, while New Moon’s was only 20 percent and 18 percent for the original. I mean, let’s be real, with those kinds of pecs and abs on display, there’s no way the gays are missing out on this! Bringing a whole new meaning to Twi-Hards

raked in $161.7 domestically after five days (for measure, New Moon took in $164.7 million) but studio execs still think it has a chance to be the highest grossing Twilight movie yet. While it didn’t set any huge records, it did rank third best Fourth of July opening weekend.

Another interesting tidbit: Eclipse’s opening day gross was almost equal to the rest of its weekend. $69 million for Thursday-Sunday to $68.5 million for Wednesday.

And all this isn’t even including our day off today. So head out and see Eclipse if you haven’t yet: I know my gays are!