‘Twilight’ Excites Andy Samberg, Timberlake At MTV Movie Awards

May 29th, 2009 // 4 Comments

When Andy Samberg chatted with E!‘s Marc Malkin, the SNL funnyman said although he’s only seen Twilight once, he did admit, “But I’ve seen scenes from Twilight many times in my dreams. You know what I mean? In a lot of ways I see Twilight constantly every day, because once you see it, it stays with you forever.”

Samberg also joked when asked whether or not he was Team Edward or Team Jacob, “Edward all the way,” explaining that “He’s steamy!”

While the appearance of the Twilight and Slumdog Millionaire stars at this year’s MTV Movie Awards is expected, Samberg hinted that he was doing his best to get Justin Timberlake to make an appearance. “We’re trying very hard to deliver on that,” Samberg claims. Yes, please do bring sexy back.

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By Lisa Timmons

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