‘Twilight’ DVD Sales Are Killer, ‘New Moon’ Production Pictures

Repeating the wild box office success of the big screen release of Twilight has proven to be an easy task. Fans of the movie have dutifully gone out and purchased the DVD, tempted with the promise of special features and previously unseen footage. In fact, sales have been so stellar that Twilight can be included in the top five best first-day DVD releases of the past two years.

Stars of the film have also done their part to promote DVD sales with Ashley Green seen in these photos at the launch party and previously palling around at a DVD launch event at Kitson with Kellan Lutz and Rachelle Lefevre. You would think she would be exhausted, but vampires don’t need sleep like us mere mortals.

As for New Moon, more photos taken from the set have become available–as well as some video footage of character Jacob Black’s truck–for your viewing pleasure. Sink your fangirl (and boy) teeth into these, my friends.

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Gallery Info: Stars from the set of New Moon; Ashley Greene at the Twilight DVD launch party.