‘Twilight’ Cast Hope Tim Burton Will Direct ‘Breaking Dawn’

Man, those Twilight kids are pretty “love ‘em, and leave ‘em” when it comes to film directors. Recently, Robert Pattinson expressed a desire for Gus Van Sant to direct the final Twilight installment, Breaking Dawn.

Similarly, New Moon vampire, Jamie Campbell Bower suggested that Tim Burton would be a good fit to helm the film, telling MTV News, “I think he’d screw around with it quite a lot, and aesthetically, I think it’d be incredibly different.” Nikki Reed agrees and suggests, “Tim Burton, Woody Allen. I’m aiming high right now.”

Ashley Greene, agreed with the Burton suggestion by saying, “The fourth one’s a little odd, a little weird, and I definitely think that Tim Burton would put an amazing spin on it.” Am I the only one rooting for John Waters? Don’t look at me like that–it could be interesting.

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