‘Twilight’ Star Kiowa Gordon’s Nude Pics Hit The Internet [PHOTOS]

Argh, another young star whose nudie pics find their way to the interweb.  Twilight star Kiowa Gordon, who plays Embry Call in the franchise, is the newest member of the “My private photos were stolen and posted” club, according to TMZ.

IsAnyoneUp.com, known for its “revenge” porn (I don’t know what that means), allows users to post naked photos of anyone anonymously.

Gordon called his lawyers as soon as he realized what had happened, who then sent a cease and desist letter to the site.  The photos allegedly show the Arizona native grabbing his genitals. 

The next day, per TMZ, IsAnyoneUp.com was purchased by the anti-bullying website, Bullyville, so now all the fun stuff has been replaced by a redirected to Bullyville’s homepage.