Tweeting Your Celebrity Prey Is Still Stalking

Stalking is no laughing matter, but I got a bad case of the giggles after reading this post on E! regarding Kim Kardashian and her alleged stalker, Dennis Shaun Bowman.  Kardashian’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley (who, BTW, is working hard for the money these days) told E! News that Mr. Bowman has discovered Twitter as a new way to reach his special friend.  Kardashian obtained a restraining order back in February to prevent the kook from contacting her in any way until 2013.  I’m no lawyer, but doesn’t Twitter fall under the umbrella of “contact in any way?” 

Since Twitter is a new frontier in stalking (Who are Twalkers? Are they “followers?”), Holley took the matter directly to the police and they’re all working together to fix the twisue. 

Kardashian, spotted here with the fam at the Super Saturday Ovarian Cancer event out in the Hamptons July 31st along with Kelly Ripa and Ashley Greene, won’t let a little stalky-bump-in-the-road get her down.  She tweeted to her fans today:

“Its a new week!  I want to focus on me this week, is that selfish?
Starting with going extra hard in the gym this week! Let’s go!”

Keep on Keeping on.  Kim and the krew start up a new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E! August 22nd @ 10pm EST.