Tweens Like Abercrombie And Fitch…


So excuse while I clutch my pearls and gasp. *Sarcastic eye roll* The New York Times ran an article written by Lesley Jane Seymour. The former “Marie Claire” contributor spent the day shopping with her daughter and her friends. Their ages fell into the pre-teen range of 11-12 years old. Making me feel completely cheap, she describes her “posse” of tweens decked out from head to toe in Abercrombie and Michael Kors.

What is even scarier is that the girls idolize the fashion bar that Paris Hilton and Hilary Duff (just to name a few). Both of the starlets are beyond the teenage range and desperately trying to break out of the shell. Somehow, by the end of the column the comparison of tweens spending their parents money on high dollar apparel, to translating it into a learned tactic that is “crucial today to survive.”

Shopping may be a rite of passage for little girls everywhere, but what kind of justice lies in a spoiled tween rocking 1 of 3 pairs of Jimmy Choos when there is really very little appreciation there? Fashion isn’t just about the label…right? Check out a discussion on Famester Fashion Forum.

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