Tween Girls Furiously Defend the Olsen Twins

Tween girls obviously have no perspective or sense of what is real or a joke. For a fabulous laugh you must read the comments on the following post, “Mary Kate Olsen Has Eating Disorder Because Ashley Ate All Her Food.” I personally don’t remember being that delusional or

My favorite of the comments:

You obviously have nothing better to do with your time!..Stop hating on them,because your just jealous you cant be pretty like them!..So,get over yourself!..freak!.. posted by Grow up you loser

Dear Grow Up You Loser,

I don’t have anything better to do with my time. If I did, I wouldn’t have posted about the Olsen Twins tragedy. I’m a little bit confused as to how someone hates on someone? I don’t think that’s possible. So you think I’m jealous of the Olsen Twins. You’ve found me out. As a 29 year-old woman, I strive to be just to be like the 18-year-old Olsen Twins. I guess an eating disorder is now on my To Do List. Oh, and by the way, I’m fucking hot.



For more Olsen Twins hilarity the following two post are must reads.

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