Golden Girls Take Over The TV Land Awards

This is a moment….I can’t even speak. These women are divas, feminists, pioneers. Their sparkling repartee and glamorous charisma brought us all through some dark years. They are the Golden Girls and if they taught us anything, they taught us that old people still like to f*ck. God, I don’t care if Bea Arthur’s face is caving in on itself, she’s 80,000 years old and earned the right. She reminds me of Ri-Ri Harvey’s mom Claire. Sassy, snarky and ready to snap on a bitch! I miss you, Nana! And I will never forget when you took off out of Lane Bryant with an entire rack of lingerie attached to your Lark and tried to make out like it was an accident. Wink, wink, girl!

Some other hoes showed up for the TV Land Awards but all I see is gold. Well, there were a couple of other gems. Maniac Roseanne was in the hizzy, and Mary-Ann from Gilligan’s Island (Dawn Wells) explained her marijuana bust from last October.

“None of it was true,” Wells said. “I was weaving on the road and trying to find the (car) heater. (Police) never gave me a breathalyzer test, but they asked to search my car and found three (marijuana) roaches. My friend had been driving my car earlier in the day. He admitted to it all.”

She also said that “the story mushroomed, and I lost out on a Girl Scout speaking engagement.” Bitch, you were high as a kite on your three hour weed tour. But I think the Girl Scouts of America could use a dose of reality and perhaps having some stoned pigeon old school TV star teaching them how to roll a blunt could be it. It ain’t all about the cookies, ladies.

Photos: Getty Images

More photos from the TV Land Awards (Rainn Wilson, Angela Kinsey and Brian Baumgartner, Kathy Griffin, Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White, Sarah Chalke, Henry Winkler) after the jump.

Photos: Getty Images