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Joe Jonas, Michael Fassbender, Bradley Cooper & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For May 28, 2015

May 28th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

So many photos, so little time.

Joe Jonas was showing off some very nice arms while out in Los Angeles today. Guys! Have you listened to me and followed Joe on Instagram?

Michael Fassbender was looking 100 kinds of fass-sexy (that’s a thing, right?) in New York. I love him. I cannot wait for MacbethRead More »

Chris Pratt Remains Perfect, Shows Off His Piano Skills While Channeling His Inner Elton John

May 28th, 2015 // Leave a Comment
Chris Pratt in GQ
Chris Pratt Covers GQ Men of the year tux handsome
Because clearly he's the perfect Man of the Year. Read More »

Every time I think I can’t possibly love Chris Pratt more than I already do, he goes and does something adorable. And then it’s like, “No wait! There is more room in my heart for Chris Pratt love!”

Yesterday he brought us the cutest thing in the world with a video of his son reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Today he’s bringing the cuteness once again, this time rocking a very excellent vest while playing a piano donated by Sir Elton John.

Did you guys know that Chris has some excellent piano skills?  Read More »

Classic Hollywood Throwback Thursday Featuring Warren Beatty

May 28th, 2015 // Leave a Comment
Warren Beatty Bonnie and Clyde Handsome Young
Classic Hollywood TBT
Check out all the handsome men from Hollywood's Golden Age! Read More »

I’m not sure you guys have noticed but we have covered A LOT of very excellent actors as part of our Classic Hollywood Throwback Thursdays.

So many in fact, that I can no longer think of any actors from the 40s and 50s that I haven’t covered (if you have any you’d like to see, please let me know!). And that is why today we’re moving into the 60s and 70s a bit to highlight Warren Beatty: actor, writer, director and today’s Classic Hollywood TBT.

Shall we dive right in?  Read More »

Perfect Human Specimen Joe Manganiello Has No Problem Being Objectified By Ladies: ‘Why Would I?’

May 28th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

Ah, Joe Manganiello. You really are one of my favorites.

The Magic Mike XXL star is proving once again just how great he is in the June/July 2015 issue of Details magazine. First of all, yes, he looks terribly sexy in the photoshoot (please appreciate that in the gallery).

And second, he had some great stuff to say on male objectification and the fact that he’s so crazy ripped. As he told Details, he has no problem “being treated like eye candy.”  Read More »

All The Boys Come Together For The New York Premiere Of ‘Entourage’, Proceed To Bro It Out On The Red Carpet

May 28th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

It’s the Entourage boys! I love the Entourage boys! Especially when they’re on the red carpet, posing together and looking like actual friends.

Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Connolly and Kevin Dillon were all on hand last night to bring the smiles and the handsomeness to the New York City premiere of Entourage. Do we have to call it Entourage The Movie? Or is calling it Entourage enough? We shall discuss later.

Also, I enjoy that none of the boys look like they’re going to the same event.  Read More »

Do Brad Pitt & George Clooney Hate Each Other?, Larry Wilmore Skewers Josh Duggar: Celeb News In Six Clicks

May 28th, 2015 // Leave a Comment
Brad Pitt Giggles
Brad Pitt Moneyball
Brad Pitt cannot stop laughing. Watch »
Brad Pitt and George Clooney

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

 Brad Pitt “Can’t Stand the Sight” of George Clooney and Their Wives Hate Each Other [Celebitchy]

 Larry Wilmore Skewers Josh Duggar as More Advertisers Flee 19 Kids and Counting [Towleroad]

— Tracy Morgan Got A Massive Payout From Walmart [Evil Beet Gossip]

 Hilary Duff Releases A Tinder-less Music Video For “Sparks” [Pink is the New Blog]

 Is This the Food Network Power Couple We’ve Been Waiting For? [ICYDK]

 This is Christian Cook. He’s Really Hot. Let’s Stare At His Bare Ass (NSFW) [omgblog]