‘The Tudors’ Are Back, Sans Anne Boleyn’s Head

Showtime’s The Tudors, the historical drama about the life of Henry VIII, is entering its second season. Producers are promising that it’s going be “darker” this time. Well, yeah. Anne Boleyn is going to lose her damn head!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, he of the freaky black hole eyes, stars as the tempestuous monarch. Producers and co-stars feel that the initial criticism of Jonathan not resembling the historical Henry’s big and blustery appearance doesn’t matter.

“He’s not ginger, he’s not tall and rotund, but the kind of alpha male that Henry was at his root, that he has — a charismatic young man, who had the eye of lots of ladies,” says actress Natalie Dormer. She plays Anne, who’s not going to be able to wear hats after the 10th episode this season. You could probably call that a spoiler, but then again, maybe you should have cracked a book in high school at some point.

Tudors creator Michael Hirst is hoping that Rhys Meyers will be able to step up to the plate and portray the “big, bald, ferocious, ugly, monstrous” version of Henry VIII as the series progresses.

I don’t care. You can’t do anything about those eyes. No amount of Rick Baker make-up or CGI on that dude is going to prevent his eyes from staring into the very center of my being. And not in a good way. His retinas know where I’ve been and they know what I’ve done!

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Photos: WENN/Getty Images