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TrendThrift is a weekly column, brought to you by our resident fashionista, Kate McChesney, as a review of boutiques in and around the Los Angeles area.

Last weekend, LF had their annual 80% off Blowout Sale at their warehouse location in West LA. The deals were incredible with t-shirts going for only 6 bucks, shoes for $15, denim for $18, and original LF boutique clothing starting at only $25. The sale was a two day event with little advertising, but both women and men alike certainly caught word. Saturday’s sale was packed, with lines snaking around the building, but Sunday was a little bit more mellow. This didn’t stop the near catfights, as the tables were heaped with shoes and boots of different colors and textures and baskets stuffed with original LF bikinis and swimwear.

The shoe table was for sure the most popular; I picked up a hot pair of paint splattered leather boots, original $280 for only $25! I also snagged a couple pairs of summer flats; who can resist them at a mere $15 a pop?

Kate McChesney continues to be tempted by trendy bargains after the jump…

In the baskets full of bikinis and swimwear were tons of underoos in both thong and boycut. As I typically favor the bvds that cover all my bizznass, I decided to take the thong challenge and rid my life of pantylines for the next few days. I have to say, after sporting LF’s “Passport Panties,” I was hooked. Passport Panties are geared for the stylish jet-setter, packaged ingeniously in tiny little ziplocks accompanied by baby wipes plus baby powder and are the most comfortable thong underwear that I have yet to try. Underoos went for $5 a pair and the patterns were a welcome change from the average Victoria’s Secret Pink line.

This sale only happens once in a blue moon, so be sue not to miss LF’s upcoming events. Sign up on their mailing list at to check out all the new styles as well as the word on future warehouse sales and other fabulous LF events.

VIBE: $$$$
HOOKUP$: $$$$$$$$$$
PRICE: $$$$

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