Trump Sends Rosie Christmas Greetings, Refers To Her as a “Clam”

Its on like Donkey Kong! To our Christmas joy, two idiots keep up the drama!

Donald Trump continued his vicious attack on Rosie O’Donnell on Thursday by calling into local morning show “Good Day L.A.,” and proclaiming that Barbara Walters hates Rosie as much as he does!

The Donald fired off a litany of insults, personally attacking the “View” co-host by calling her a “bully,” “a loser,” “stupid,” and even compared her to a “clam.”

More, and Rosie’s own views on Donald from this morning’s view, after the jump.

Trump Continues Assault [TMZ]

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Some of the Trump lowlights were:

Regarding “The View’s” surge in ratings this year: “I bring it up because they talk about me. Ultimately, that show will fail because of Rosie,” adding, “Barbara (Walters) made a mistake. She cannot stand Rosie O’Donnell.”

On Rosie’s intelligence: “She’s not very smart. I think Rosie is stupid.”

On Rosie’s appearance: “If you can look as ugly as she looks … I give her credit for having succeeding moderately.”

On, er, well, you figure it out: “She was like a little clam. A disgusting thought isn’t it, when you compare Rosie to a clam?”
I think Rosie needs to summon the Dykes on Bikes to get all over his cheese. And storm his gold lame building. And rip that wig off. That is a wig, right? Or am I just bad at wig identification? No, it’s a wigpiece. Clam? Did he make a pussy joke? That’s deep.

UPDATE: Rosie had a few choice words for the Donald this morning.

The war of words between Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump continues to flare, as O’Donnell made a few brief comments on Thursday’s episode of The View and posted her thoughts on her blog.

“What a fun night of viewing,” O’Donnell said on the air about the TV news coverage of her feud with the star of The Apprentice.

After Trump threatened to have some men woo O’Donnell’s companion, Kelli Carpenter, away from her, O’Donnell said on the show, “I brought Kelli here today. I was afraid to leave her at home, in case someone with a comb-over came over and stole her from me.”

As her final word on the matter, O’Donnell said her reaction to the entire situation was … and then she looked at the camera and grimaced.

Barbara Walters is probably actually missing Star Jones at this point.

Trump Continues Assault [TMZ]
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