Today in Trump Watch: Donald Trump Gives Rambling and Incoherent News Conference

With everything that is going down in the world today thanks to our newest President, we thought it would be prudent for us to do a daily weekday roundup of what is all going on within the Trump administration and beyond.

Here are the latest headlines:


President Donald Trump held a press conference today in which he once again boasted about his November election win and attacked the mainstream media for producing “fake news.”

But beyond the usual boasting and bashing, the president made several jaw-dropping statements that were surprising even by his standards. Here are the six craziest moments at today’s press conference. [Raw Story]

Deplorable right-wing gay blogger Jim Hoft now has his very own White House correspondent in the form of non-journalist Lucian Wintrich. [Towleroad]

President Trump moved quickly on Thursday to replace his first choice for labor secretary, choosing R. Alexander Acosta, a Florida law school dean and former assistant attorney general for civil rights, to become the only Hispanic in his cabinet.

Mr. Trump announced the nomination at the White House just a day after Andrew F. Puzder, a fast-food executive, dropped his bid to lead the Labor Department amid attacks on his business record and personal conduct that were eroding support among Republican senators and imperiling his confirmation. [New York Times]

House Republican leaders on Thursday presented to their members the most detailed look yet at their plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare, though some key elements remain to be worked out.

A packet distributed to lawmakers at the meeting and obtained by The Hill says the GOP bill will include tax credits, an expansion of health savings accounts, money for high risk pools to care for the sick and a major restructuring of Medicaid to cap federal payments. [The Hill]

Reince Priebus, facing growing criticism and calls for his ouster, is racing to bring order to a White House that looks to be spiraling out of control.

After weeks of West Wing turmoil and critiques from President Donald Trump himself, the chief of staff is scrambling to impose a more traditional approach on a White House that is anything but, according to more than a dozen administration aides and others close to Priebus. [Politico]

And then there is this:

If all of this is just to much to handle, then enjoy this:

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