True Colors Tour: Gay Woodstock

J. Harvey here. I just got back from my catching the True Colors tour stop here in Boston, and let me tell ya – now my heart is full. Granted, I am a cynical icy bitch but I fell for this deal – hook, line and sinker. I feel like I was just at Gay Woodstock. True Colors was conceived by 80’s icon, Ms. Cyndi Lauper and benefits the Human Rights Campaign by raising awareness about hate crimes against the gay community. Seriously? I took the brown acid. Everything was peace and harmony and beats and hot music and wailing and this whole feeling of togetherness that I haven’t felt at a concert in a very, very long time. I almost adopted several baby dykes I was so into it.

The bill was phenomenal -

  • The Gossip (my new favorite band, and I think I want to wipe the sweat from hot It Girl Beth Ditto’s brow)
  • The Dresden Dolls (hometown favorites)
  • Rufus Wainwright (he was a special guest star and despite dressing like an ice cream man from 1956, he had a helluva voice)
  • Debbie Harry (one of the few low points, dude – sing “Heart of Glass”. Please? We really need “Heart of Glass” or christ, just give us “Maria”.
  • Erasure (in top form. Andy Bell is a gay angel and flits about the stage – but the pipes on that hooker, damn! And why is his speaking voice all gay helium yet he can belt out songs like that? Huh?)
  • And finally – Ms. Cyndi Lauper!

Bitch turns out on a show. Ms. Harry needs to take notes because Cyndi will sing the friggin’ “Goonies” theme song because we need to hear classics. She was all over the stage, and raw and powerful and she has my vote for ruler of the known universe. And last but not least – the ultimate fag hag – Ms. Margaret Cho mc’ed the procceedings. She was witty and cute and told it like it was and when’s the last time you heard an arena full of people applaud someone’s death (Jerry Falwell)?

AND! I was privy to rock history. Why? Three reasons and more photos after the jump:

  • Cyndi Lauper and Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls covered Prince’s “When You Were MIne”
  • Cyndi Lauper and Beth Ditto of The Gossip covered Cyndi’s “Time After Time”
  • At the end, everyone came out and sang Cyndi’s “True Colors”, and the high point was Cyndi and Andy Bell of Erasure dueting on it

I can barely breathe.

The evening produced this amazing feeling of solidarity. My icy heart was totally melted. I bought a t-shirt for chrissakes. If you’re down, and like hot shows, and wanna be part of something big – I totally recommend this tour. Check it out! Trust me on this. Would I lie? Ok, yeah but that’s just to get free drinks. I’m not lying this time, I swear!


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