‘True Blood’ Season 3 Sneaky Peeks Are KILLING Us

HBO is just the cat’s pajamas when it comes to original programming.  It doesn’t hurt that as a cable network, they can do and say, um, pretty much anything.  So during season two reruns of True Blood, the smarties aired an on-set sneak peak of season three (premiering June 13th).  Spoilers have been hither and thither over the past week: Lorena, Bill’s maker, returns for at least six episodes, and there occurs a death (possibly Arlene).  Gasp!

HBO also snuck in a clip featuring Alexander Skarsgard’s character, Eric.  So hot.  So very vampire hot.  HBO created a site in honor of Eric, where fans can discuss the character and learn more about Eric’s vampire background.

Don’t forget the nudity (sorry, no nudie clips).

Check out both videos (especially Eric’s) after the jump.