‘True Blood’ Season 3 Casting Spoilers

Television insider, Michael Ausiello, is all a-twitter over the discovery of some real-life upcoming casting notices that Alan Ball gave away in a recent question and answer session about his SBO series, True Blood.

These tempting SPOILERS for the third season of the show can be found by clicking the CONTINUE READING link!

Gallery Info: Stills taken from HBO’s True Blood.

Sam Merlotte’s long-lost brother, Tommy Mickens is described as “a grungy but handsome man in his early ’20s” and appears to share the bartender’s shape-shifting tendencies.Of course, there are several sexy new vampires joining the cast. They include a skin-baring Czechoslovakian dancer named Yvetta, who tangles with Eric. Others include Talbot, who provides a kidnapped Bill with some much-needed assistance; Franklin Mott, who mixes it up with Tara; and an orderly named Jusus Velasquez. They’re all gorgeous, naturally.Tara’s mother finds comfort in the arms of Reverend Daniels, while Jason Stackhouse is unable to find comfort in the arms of two NYU coeds, Jen and Missy, whose attempt to get a threesome on falls flat.