True Blood Reigns At Comic-Con

Without Twilight swooping in and stealing all the vampire attention, True Blood managed to get some well deserved credit at Comic Con. The cast is seen here signing autographs at the San Diego Convention Center on July 23rd in California. Its wonderful seeing these people in normal existence after they scare the living shit out of you on your television. 

Luckily, TV Guide was there to get all the gory details we want to know about. What’s up with all that nudity? Well apparently the guys have to wear a “Sock with a draw string, a plastic-backed thong, which apparently
breaks if you’re running fast, or the man panty, or manty, which reduces
you to a Ken doll.” said Joe Manganiello.

Anna Paquin says she would rather get the naked scenes over with early in the day and then get violent and bloody later on. “That way you’re not all messy for lunch,” she said. This girl really is brilliant.  Not to mention she looks adorable in her wrap dress.

Paquin says she is pretty psyched on her new microwave finger techniques on the show. Viewers are sure to find out what is behind these new powers later on in the show. There are much better action sequences now. “I never got any action in X-Men… I wore some really hot
gloves,” she said.

This show never gets old. Take Elizabeth Taylor and Anne Rice’s word for it, both are rumored to be big fans. Watch the video after the jump to get all the details!