True Blood Recap: This Was A Bloody One

Alright, so when last we left True Blood, Sookie turned into some sort of sorceress with magical powers.  Almost like Jem and her earring, but a little less PG.  And it’s becoming tiresome to keep up with what Russell is trying to do with Bill and Sookie.  Just give us the goods!

Eric looks fantastic in that V-Neck sweater.  The color.  The fabric.  Cashmere, verdad?

“Where do you think you are, lady? Red Lobster?”  I just threw up a little in my mouth.  Oh, the deep south. 

Poor Jessica.  She just wants to be normal and get back together with Hoyt, but her vampiric urges just prevent her from doing so.

Who is this nutter that has Tara tied up in Russell’s mansion?  He’s completely off his rocker and someone needs to step in and regulate.  I think everyone might have forgotten about Franklin, and here he is about to change Tara.  Someone needs to step in and regulate!

“How long have you been together?”
“Uh, just shy of 700 years.”

There is not a character I love more than Talbot, Russell’s bitchy, but hospitable hubby.  His taste in clothes and entertaining is superb.  Question-won’t Talbot be angry that Russell is forcing Sophie to marry him? Or does Talbot understand this is just a matter of business?  Because lately, Talbot’s been acting very needy and attention-starved, so the businessish marriage would not make him easy to live with.

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