‘True Blood’ Recap: No One On This Show Is Normal

In keeping with the theme of the night, True Blood thought it fitting to pay tribute to those who left us too soon.  Poor Talbot.  Poor Godric.  Everyone else more or less deserved what was coming to them, especially Rene

I always need a day or two to digest the goings-on of each episode.  Now it’s time to contemplate the state of Sam’s mental health, Arlene’s unborn child, and Eric’s fate.

Pam, you bitch.  Spraying silver into Bill’s eyes when he’s trying to save his beloved Stackhouse. I suppose we all must do what we can to protect those we love.  You’re trying to save Eric from the wrath of Russell.  But here’s the thing: Eric has his own agenda when it comes to Russell, and his agenda dates back centuries.  Unfortunately, everyone is now involved in what Eric has in store for Russell, and Russell is too powerful to simply cower.  No one is going to die because of Sookie.  They’re going to die because of Eric!

Favorite couple on the show: Hoyt and Jessica.  He’s so much of a gentleman that he wants Jessica to drink from him.  He’s a keeper, that Hoyt.  Even if his mother is a bible-toting moron.  And that poor chick from Best Week Ever.  She showed him her best undergarments, and he still went running into the arms of his red-headed bloodsucker.

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Is it normal for a little part of me to feel sorry for Russell?  His
grief over the loss of Talbot is so touching and humane.  He’s just a
crazy dictator in mourning.  Poor Tara.  Someone on the
writing crew give this girl a break. Although I’m glad she and Sam are
bumpin’ uglies.  She was depressed and he needed to use up some of that
agression.  His behavior was really chapping my ass this episode.Sam was sauced and abrasive and unruly.  Terry
has to step in and be the big boy, but Sam called him a “shell-shocked
mother f*cker” and my heart stopped for a moment.  Yet, our Terry is
smart enough to know that it’s the “liquor talking” and not Sam.  The
layers of Sam’s past are being pulled away, and I’m hating every minute
of it.”You bitches do your job and shut the f*ck up.”How
do you get so angry-drunk that you kick people out of your restaurant,
just cause you’re pissed? Not for nothing, but that’s a lot of money
that just walked out on you.  Every time Sookie and Bill try to plan their future, something bad happens.I
might love Terry more than I love Hoyt.  And he’s thrilled that the
baby survived the schma-schmortion potion.  Frankly, I’m perlexed. 
That was a lot of blood covering Arlene.If Eric dies, then I quit True Blood. The love triangle brought to life: Newlyweds Anna Paquin (in Alexander McQueen) and Stephen Moyer joined Alexander Skarsgard onstage at the 2010 Emmy Awards last night.