‘True Blood’ Star Ryan Kwanten Shows Off His Beautiful Self For ‘Bello Magazine’

Ryan Kwanten Is Wet
Ryan gets wet for a surf inspired photo shoot.
Now that True Blood is ending, the thing I’m probably going to miss most is Ryan Kwanten, aka, Jason Stackhouse.

Luckily, I’ve got the latest cover of Bello Magazine featuring the Australian hottie to keep me happy. And if you think that Ryan is anything like his True Blood character, you would be mistaken.

Still, despite their differences, Ryan will miss playing Jason. “Any actor will tell you that whether they’re playing a small role or a large role, there is a piece of them in every single one,” he told the magazine. 

“Jason in some way, shape, or form has made me a better man and I’ve definitely put a little of myself into him too, over the years.” But not too much of himself. I don’t see Jason freely quoting Albert Einstein like Ryan.

But don’t try to tell Ryan that Jason has issues, because he will defend his character. “I think Jason is almost like the moral compass of (the show). As ridiculous as some of the situations he gets himself into can be, everything comes from a place of reality with him.”

So now, we get to sit here and remember all the reasons we’re going to miss Ryan and True Blood. But before you miss it too much, launch the gallery to check out all the super sessy photos of Ryan in Bello Magazine. And don’t forget to grab a copy of the magazine for the full and truly fantastic interview.