‘True Blood’ Star Joe Manganiello’s Graffiti Date

As if we didn’t love Joe Manganiello enough already as Alcide on True Blood, he has to go and show us that he’s not just the brawn that he’s built up at the gym, but he is the perfect male specimen embodying the supreme balance of mind, body and soul.

Obviously, it’s his body that has made us tune into True Blood again… and again… and again.

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The compassion he has for Alcide’s superhero tendencies and saving Sookie, show his good natured soul (and stirs our secret hope that he’ll headline the next Marvel remake).

But when this Pittsburgh native opened up to MTV, sharing his most treasured spot (and first date clincher) in Los Angeles, well… we loved his appreciation for graffiti art, a good movie (as seen here at the release of Scarface On Blu-ray at the Belasco Theatre on August 23 in Los Angeles, Ca.) and his mind.

See the first date experience first hand after the jump!

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