‘True Blood’ Star Alexander Skarsgard Talks Virginity, His Sex Appeal & Drunk Grandmas [VIDEO]

Don’t lie, you know you want to hold Alexander Skarsgard in your arms. Forever. But keep in mind, the True Blood star isn’t just a sexy face on a equally fantastic body. As he told Men’s Journal, “I hope there’s something more to me than my pecs.” I guess we can see more of his acting chops when Straw Dogs is released. It seems like a super creepy movie and super creepy part for Alex.

Alex didn’t just talk to Men’s Journal about cooking and the navy, he also got into some super personal details. Like, when did he lose his virginty? “That was 2008, I think. Best eight seconds of my life.” OK, well kind of personal. I guess Kirsten Dunst was right when she said he was a total goofball.

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If you don’t believe he’s a goof check out his interview with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. You can find it after the jump and it’s beyond adorable. Not only does Alex make us laugh, but he talks as the Swedes would, makes fun of himself and talks about his drunk grandma. Yup, drunk grandma.

In all seriousness, he may be Sweden’s sexiest man alive 5 years running, but he does want more. “You tend to get a lot of offers that are, like, the hot guy. And those parts aren’t very fun.” I’m thinking Alex will be just fine. Don’t forget the interview after the jump!