‘True Blood’ Star Alexander Skarsagard Looks Super Skinny, Makes Walking Sexy [PHOTOS]

Hey, Alexander Skarsgard, can I get you a sandwich or something? The super sexy True Blood actor was spotted in Vancouver on Saturday catching a showing of Total Recall at his local theatre. Aww, supporting his fellow actors. And look! He’s even stopping to sign autographs. What a cutie.

While we love all of that, we’re more distracted by just how thin Alexander is looking. He’s currently shooting the movie Hidden in Vancouver, hence the weight loss. He actually looks a lot thinner than the last time we saw him at Comic-Con. Oh, the things celebrities have to do to their bodies.

Still though, how hot is he. If there was an Olympic event where competitors had to look sexy while walking, he would totally win. In fact, I think they’d give him gold, silver and bronze. What do you think of this new thin Alexander? Miss him the old way? Love him every way? Check out the photos in the gallery then sound off in the comments!