‘True Blood’ Shows A Steamy Glimpse Of What’s To Come At Comic-Con [VIDEO]

The True Blood cast – including Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Kristin Bauer, Nelsan Ellis, Alexander Skarsgard, creator Alan Ball, Rutina Wesley, Kevin Alejandro and Ryan Kwanten – got together for their panel at Comic Con last night, and the audience was enamored with Skarsgard.  Alas, it was Bauer who receive the most attention from Skarsgard, much to the audience’s delight (Eric and Pam, how kewt are you?)  MTV’s Terri Schwartz captured the electric exchange:

“The best came after a fan asked whether fans will ever see how Eric made Pam. After saying we will definitely be seeing that in season five (!!!), Alexander turned to Kristen, pinched her cheek and said, ‘Oh, my baby.’ The audience exploded in laughter as Kristen joked back, ‘Yeah, daddy.’ Not letting it die, Alexander asked, ‘Who’s my little girl?’ She was too busy laughing to respond for a while, but as Dreamboat McGee waited expectantly for her to say something back, she could only laugh out, ‘Me!’ Keep in mind this was a lot more cute and a lot less sexual than it seems on paper.”

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What’s even better than that (and the steamy trailer of things to come this season after the jump) is that Ball doesn’t see an end in sight for True Blood.  “I think this show has a tremendous amount of life,” Ball said. “I hope to get to the point where it becomes a problem for us in the writers room to explain why the vampires seem to be aging.”

Please note that you’ll be seeing a lot more of the supernatural in the next two seasons.  You know, just your run-of-the-mill ghosts, demons and other mystical creatures.