‘True Blood’ Season 6: Ryan Kwanten And New Bad Guy Rutger Hauer [PHOTOS]

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Ryan is shirtless in the next 30 photos!
Season 5 left us with a Billith-filled season finale of True Blood, so that make us only more anxious of what’s to come in this upcoming season! The filming of the sixth season is already underway and Ryan Kwanten was on set with the new bad guy! 

The actor with the big-out-of-control-wig and pin stripped suit is actor Rutger Hauer who will be playing the new villain. His character Macklyn is supposedly connected to the show’s main characters, Sookie and Jason Stackhouse!

No sign of Anna PaquinAlexander Skarsgard, or any of the other True Blood cast members, but we’re sure this season will be as crazy as the last!