‘True Blood’ Hottie Alexander Skarsgard Parties The Night Away At Chateau Marmont [PHOTOS]

True Blood Premiere
The cast of the HBO hit show celebrate season 5 premiere
Well what a fun night to party with Alexander Skarsgard.

The True Blood star was all smiles last night (September 22) as he made his way home from Los Angeles’ infamous Chateau Marmont. You know, the one where all the shit goes down with celebrities.

Luckily nothing bad seems to have happened last night or I don’t think Alexander would look as happy as he does. The sexy Swede looked fabulous in all black and far less skinny than the last few times we’ve spotted him. Think someone finally got him a sandwich?

I don’t know why Alexander isn’t in more movies. The only thing we’ve gotten from his recently is a super grungy look on the set of his new movie, Hidden. I want to see him in something cute and romantic! Who’s with me on this?

Launch the gallery to check out all the super sexy pics of Alexander. I mean honestly, the man is literally just walking to his car and he looks like he just stepped out of some perfect magazine ad. We love you, Mr. Skarsgard.