‘True Blood’ Cast Descends Upon Comic-Con [PHOTOS]

Any True Blood fans out there? So many cast members, so many shenanigans, but there were some highlights. So for all of you bloodsuckers who want to catch up on this panel, here they are:

  • Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard playing up their bromance. Moyer said, “We have to join together so animosity aside, I felt like when we work together, there is something between us in the past that we haven’t seen yet, like an old friendship.”
  • Stripping werewolves aren’t happening this season, but at least it’s on the table!
  • More sex scenes, don’t worry! And “all tastes will be satisfied.” Ooh la la.
  • Three new romances will be coming up this season.
  • A fan totally asked Skarsgard and Joe Manganiello to flex their muscles. But Skarsgard axes it, “We’re legally not allowed to do that with Joe on the show.” Adds Moyer, “I will literally not go to taking anything off when Joe is part of the cast. And, by the way, Ryan [Kwanten].”
  • Then Kwanten is asked to do a headstand– and actually does it!

Are you guys excited for the upcoming season of True Blood yet or what?!