Tropic Thunder Premiere: Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes

August 12th, 2008 // 5 Comments

How does his size keep changing? Were his lifts in the shop? Here’s Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at the Tropic Thunder premiere. Tom plays a fat, bald guy in the disabled/black people-mocking film. Way to come correct, Tom.

Katie’s not wearing jeans, but she still looks like she’s been cutting her own hair without a mirror.

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By J. Harvey

  1. sandy

    Katie’s not sexy anymore. She looks like she’s channelling the beatles. Why do women think short hair is sexy? It’s not. It makes them look like men.

  2. T-Bone

    I’m not a fan of short hair on women either, Sandy.

    So is there going to come a day when we all finally admit these two really do love each other, or should we keep pretending she’s a prisoner? I’ll go with either ;)

  3. Margot

    Why doesn’t this woman show her teeth when she smiles?

  4. Amy

    While I don’t think she is a prisoner, you will never convince me that every dress she wears, every shade of eye shadow she chooses, every haircut, doesn’t have to be approved or run by him in some way before it happens. She was NEVER as image conscious as she is now that she is part of the Tom Cruise PR machine.

    I don’t doubt there is love there, but it seems like love based on an obvious imbalance of power. He comes off as a control freak.

  5. kitt

    well no one really knows, that’s the thing. but we all have hunches. andy my hunch is they both somehow get off on faking it for the cameras. it’s simple codependence, when it comes right down to it. poor katie was so young, so innocent– cliche to say of course, but true. i think she feels sorry for him. and tom as we’ve all seen by now, was so jaded, so angry (at what and whom, he wouldn’t really admit to himself, so he projected it onto some random targets deemed to be “evil” as by the powerful and manipulative group he joined). now look at her. look at her eyes and her stiff smile. this woman is holding back tears every second, i swear, she looks so sad. now she’s absorbed his anger at the world at large and probably feels heartbroken for him. she understands his dilemma (she’s so identified wth him now she basically completely resembles him) and she understands that he’ll never give up his addiction to scientology and that she’s married a shell of a human being.

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