‘Tron’ Premiere Was Epic

I rarely find premiere pictures that interesting, but last night’s premiere of Tron in Hollywood looked insanely amazing, possibly a little better than the UK premiere!

Besides the appearance of the film’s stars, Olivia Wilde, Garrett Hedlund, Michael Sheen, Jeff Bridges, and Bruce Boxleitner (who hasn’t aged apparently), lasers and smoke machines lit up the blue carpet, which was decorated with white bewigged ladies.

Daft Punk, who provided the entire soundtrack of the movie, also appeared, looking like the robot butlers I intend to buy as soon as Steve Jobs invents them.  Hurry up, Steve!

Some random celebrity Tron fans showed up as well, like Tom Cruise, Will Farrell, and Joe Jonas.

Look through the gallery and fantasize that you were there, like me!

And also like me, if you enjoy movie merchandise for the not-so-young, you’ll love what Tron has to offer you.  Genius merchandisers at Disney have come out with special merch for those of us old enough to remember the first movie vividly.  Examples, you ask?  How about a pair of $795 pair of heels or a $2,600 ‘Tron Icon’ necklace?  I’m titillated and repulsed.  You?