Trojan Hands Out Post-Election Vibrators In D.C. [PHOTOS]

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I’d ask you all to caption the photo, but you’re better than that.

No you’re not! Go right ahead.

Trojan Vibrations’ mission today in Washington D.C. was to “unite the country with a platform that aims to bring pleasure to the people.”

While I’m sure the event was a success in the District of Columbia, people in other parts of the country (and continent) were really pumped about the idea of a free vibrator.

“What about Canadians?” A gal from north of the border asked.  “We’re hornier than them Americans, lol.” 

“Ya’ll need to come to Kansas City, KS.  Wow we would all love it.”

One person even asked that Trojan make a holiday gift set.

Don’t worry, everyone.  Trojan plans to bring the pleasure cart to as many locations as possible around the country.

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