“TrimSpa, Baby!” Doesn’t Work, Anna Nicole Sued


So some ladies are suing Anna Nicole because they didn’t lose any excess poundage on TrimSpa . Talk about kicking a bitch when she’d down. “Down” meaning on the run from a paternity test, lawsuit brought by her former lawyers for non-payment, and an inquest into her boyfriend maybe having something to do with the death of her son. Jesus, that’s “down”.

Janet Luna, Myra Luna and Yvonne Rodarte filed suit Thursday against Smith and TrimSpa Inc., accusing the company and its spokeswoman of using deceptive business practices to peddle the weight-loss supplement and of violating California’s unfair competition law.

More on the dirty deeds of Trimspa after the jump.

By either expressing or implying via its advertising campaign that TrimSpa X32 (Completely Ephedra-Free Formula X32) “causes rapid and substantial weight loss” by suppressing users’ appetites, the company is defrauding consumers and cheating its competitors, the plaintiffs allege in court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

You mean just popping a pill won’t magically make you lose weight? Really? You have to diet and work out, too? Get out. Everyone involved in this, including Anna, qualifies as a dumb bitch. Anna lost all that weight because bitch was on every pill in the medicine cabinet. And when you’re that busy being high, you don’t need to eat. You just want to lay back and let an annoying photographer impregnate you and then get annoyed by him and flee to the Bahamas to pass his baby off as your gay lawyer’s. My only question in this whole mess is, where’s KIMMY? That’s the real mystery!