Trend Watch: Sunglasses, The Italians Do it Right

Lapo Elkann may or may not be on your radar but it is a name you will be familiar with soon enough. At least it should be after you read this blog post. You might have heard his name nominated for Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List three years in a row, or for being credited with revamping ski-wear. And, most importantly, the thirty-year old heir to the Fiat Empire is now unleashing a new wave of luxury for your eyewear enjoyment today. is the brain child of this sharp-dressed man and offers sunglasses as “personal belongings — not accessories” that are crafted out of carbon. The “I.I.” collection consists of four personalized colors and frames to make your investment perfect to suit your every desire. The glasses and the case also provide the option of engraving a personal message.

I can just see Paris Hilton buying a pair and having “Eat a cheeseburger bitch” engraved on the inside as she giggles behind her monkey/kinkajou/varmint of the day while Nicole Richie excitedly opens her delivered gift. It is kinda like watching “Spy versus Spy” complete with bad footwear.