Trend Thrift: Rock$tars!

After spending the week cruising the boutiques and bars in LA and Vegas with two rockstar friends, I came to appreciate true dude-in-a-band style. My friends are both young, in pop punk bands, and are not afraid to use their cojones when it comes to fashion. Always casual and cool, sporting thrift store finds, plus cutting-edge hoodies and sneaks, these kids sure know how to dress. The two told me about a bunch of online stores that sport hard to find band merchandise, original tees, hot prints, and vegan sneaks. boasts that it’s the the “Ultimate Punk Music Store” and features over 80,000 punk, rock, ska and hardcore music and memorabilia. The site allows you to search any rock band in your 25 Most Played and hosts thousands of import CDs, vinyl, zines and clothing for guys and gals (click on the Babydoll Shirt link.)

More on Kate’s online finds after the jump…

These babydolls are the band tee type, and not the type you find at LF, which means they run in kid’s sizes. Typically size L in babydolls will fit a normal size M. The site also features hard to find Converse sneaks for $32.50 a pair and tons of band stickers if you’re feeling naughty. is another hip online spot that features online “storefronts” as well as the official websites of the designers/artists. The site features individually screen-printed tees and prints by more than fifty artists. My faves are Stolen Good(ie)s, Flesh Profits Nothing (a portion of their profit goes support the community), Everything Burns, and Stitches. Add a little rock and roll to your room with Push Me Pull You’s two-color screen prints featuring simple, yet intricate designs go for only $30.

Whatever music you’re into, these websites have some of the most original casual, cool styles for guys and girls. These clothes will outlast even the most outrageous party plus the day after. Check it, don’t wreck it!

PRICE: $$$$
VIBE: $$$$
HOOKUP$: $$$$
PRICE: $$$$
VIBE: $$
HOOKUP$: $$$

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