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The minute I logged onto the Parisian-based Swiss designer Nicole Locher’s site, I was hooked. The sweet, yet not too sappy, feminine graphics and mischievous model on the homepage were enough to make me want to explore this clever, cute, and easily accessible website. I went straight to the collection, of course, and was surprised to see very modernly cut cotton jersey tops complete with embroidered, playful, and sometimes times dirty, phrases such as “Dirty Little Lovemaker,” “Insatiable Little Thing” and “I Heart Porn.” The embroidered details of Locher’s line is what makes these silly and almost passe phrases super classy and ultra-modern!

At first, I was so enthralled by the designs on the website that I forgot to read the descriptions, but when I finally forced my eyes away from the remarkable designs and onto the text, I couldn’t stop reading! Clever and witty are two things I adore in clothes, writing, and people; Nicole Locher and her website are without a doubt both.

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The first top featured in the collection is very sweet in subtle baby blue cotton with pintuck details along the V-neck. Like all of Nicole’s designs, the top is finished with high-quality embroidery, this one with a cherry blossom branch and the saying “No Time to Fuck” embroidered on the left sleeve. Perfect for ASL editor, Lisa Timmons, who picked this one all for herself. Admittedly, Locher’s prices are steep (about $75+s&h), but Lisa, who had been wearing hers all day long, stated that the high-quality cotton–as well as the mass of compliments–are well worth the extra dough.

Out of the sixteen designs featured on the website, my two personal faves are “Cute Little Fuckers” and “Life is Fucked Up”. “Cute Little Fuckers” is a flattering kimono sleeved blue gray cotton top with the cutest little birdies chirping away on the cutest little branch. They really are cute little fuckers, no joke! “Life is Fucked Up” is embroidered on “fresh green cotton” near the most awesome asymmetric neckline. I have to say that although this saying is very telling in my own life right now, I was more into the asymmetric neckline that I have always wanted to create myself. Oh, Nicole Locher…I think we were separated at birth.

As I mentioned before, Nicole Locher is the Swiss mastermind behind the “sweet yet perverted” line and, in the words of her publicist, is truly a renaissance woman. She alone designed all the embroidery patterns stitch by stitch on her beat-up, old computer. She single-handedly did the technical sheets for the design of her tops, as well as all of the graphic design AND is the all programmer of her website. And
finally, she alone did the art direction, set design and hand-picked the model “off the street” for her photo shoot…whew! In essence, she has truly completed this project from start to finish in both design and business. Mad respect, yo!

In addition to her amazingly original tops, also features original jewelry that are equally as witty and clever. My absolute favorite is a sterling chain necklace which features a sweet hammered brass bow, fresh water pearl, and pendant featuring a little girl and the words “petite salope,” which means “little slut” in french. Only $67 for high quality, hand-made Parisian jewelry designs makes these unique accessories hard to pass up and a total steal, in my mind!

I’m telling you, go to this site immediately, before it blows up and everyone in Hollywood has an original Locher’s.

Check it out at!

VIBE: $$$$
PRICE: $$$$*
pricey, but well worth it
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