Trend Thrift: Apartment 3 Downtown Grand Opening

TrendThrift is a weekly column, brought to you by our resident fashionista, Kate McChesney, as a review of boutiques in and around the Los Angeles area.

This Saturday, June 9th, Apartment 3 celebrated its Grand Opening of their Brand Spankin’ New Downtown L.A. location! Located in the heart of the Downtown Arts Community, Apartment 3’s new SoHo-style loft is the perfect space to accompany their exclusive new clothing line, three-L.A. ( The boss lady, Kristin Knauff, is known for her infamous After Hours parties at her location on La Brea feauring DJs, free booze, and tasty treats. The Grand Opening party featured yummy pink lemonade and blueberry cocoa vegan cupcakes by Spork Foods ( that were ten times more popular than the hor’devoures of the last party I attended. Spork’s MySpace page even had a comment that said he had to “wrestle someone to the ground for the last pink lemonade.” Yup, they were that popular.

More on cupcakes and fashion after the jump…

So the cupcakes were good and the music was great, even the people were awesome! I met a group of fashion-industry humans whose workspace was right across the hall from Apartment 3, a couple of stylists, but mostly people who wanted to shop. And shop they did. Vintage was all the rage and the jewelry was purty per usual, but what hooked me was what was in the guy’s section. Colorful printed wallets, card holders, and check book covers by 11:11 is what caught my eye. They’re made out of durable vinyl and laminated paper full of images of anatomical hearts, mannequins, and vintage cars. I picked up a check book cover with the image of 1980s Cadillacs and their drivers taken in downtown LA near the water treatment plant for $26. I am rockin it as a wallet right now!

Three-L.A. is designed by Apartment 3 proprieter Kristen Knauff along with designer Christiaan Gunther. It is a throwback to the old and sometimes lost Hollywood glam, complete with a modern edge. I love love looove their take on the 70s jumpsuit. It would be dangerous if I had that piece, I’d be wearing it all the time and be shooting finger guns into the air a la Jaclyn Smith. All of the looks are tailored and classy and although pricey, I guarantee not a stitch out of place.

The website is great, the party was bomb, and I can’t wait for the next event. Check out for clothes and for the next special event!

VIBE: $$$$
HOOKUP$: $$$$*

free booze and cupcakes? yes please!

kate mcchesney

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