Trend Thrift: Abbott Kinney Blvd.

Abbott Kinney Blvd. is the perfect street to walk when boredom strikes. A mix of art galleries, salons, modern and antique furniture stores, and of course boutiques, Abbot Kinney has a shop for every mood. I parked near Goddess, an upscale bead shop that offers awesome workshops, at which you can learn beading techniques and things of that nature, and took my evening walk up the street. Sadly, many of the shops were closed; on the other hand, today I am simply a window-shopper.

Nevertheless, the few stores that were open were full of exceptional one of kind pieces that one can only find in an artsy area like Venice. Tan Tau, for example, carries a variety of expensive and affordable jewelry such as hand pounded silver bracelets inscribed with famous quotes. “Too much of a good thing is wonderful” by Mae West and Benjamin Franklin’s, “There was never a good war or a bad peace,” are just two examples of these beautifully hand-crafted bracelets that were being sold for $80. Tan Tau also carries colorful recycled glass picture frames starting at $40 and going up to $60; an easy accessory to brighten up any room.

More on Kate’s evening stroll down Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, CA after the jump…

The next shop I came across had amazing displays: chairs hanging from the ceiling, chandeliers stacked on top of each other and all kinds of crazy stuff. Judging by the name of the store, Scentiments, I guessed the store specializes in candles and bathroom scents, however it reminded me of a European furniture store that I could get lost in for hours and after doing some Internet research, found out that it’s flowers that they sell.

Then I noticed Jeannie Y was having their 20-60% off sale right up the street from Scenitments! Full of hip men and women’s clothing, and limited on the number of each piece, Jeannie Y has fashionable designs that nobody (but you!) will be wearing. Bubble dresses, denim, baby-doll tops, more dresses and most accessories were on sale at great prices, however today, I am only window-shopping. Which brings me to my favorite window display on the boulevard….

Ananda, which features both men and women’s clothing, books, music, candles, and Asian imports, was definitely the most creative window display. Paying tribute to spring showers, Ananda displays their new spring line among umbrellas, plastic tulips, and an entire outfit running through the ‘rain’, represented by strings of glass beads and mirrors. Their creativity really caught my eye and the clothes on display left me craving more!

Even window shopping, I had a great time perusing Abbott Kinney Blvd.’s mix of artsy, bohemian, and trendy shops. A mix of expensive and affordable items, the street has plenty of boutiques that cater to the young and trendy as well as the hip mom-to-be. Cute maternity clothing à la Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie while pregnant with baby Shiloh, as well as darling baby clothes, litter the street. There are a lot of babies around here!

Whether you are window shopping or looking for that perfect gift, Abbott Kinney Blvd. is the perfect street to hit up any time of the day.

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