Travolta Gets Things In Gear At ‘Wild Hogs’ Premiere

In a “clever” marketing move, John Travolta, Tim Allen and William H. Macy posed by Harley Davidsons outside the “Wild Hogs” premiere. The film is about a man-only road trip on the cycles.

The acting quartet, who hit the film’s Hollywood premiere on Tuesday with their mean machines, had, by their own admission, “a blast” making the adventure comedy. They play four middle-aged men who take a cross-country road trip together. And while Saturday Night Fever star John says he can’t really associate with the age thing, he did share his character’s love for boys’ toys.

“Probably the only thing I can relate to is I love machines. My motorcycles… my cars, my boats, my planes,” he said in a recent interview on US TV. “And I want to get on the road. I’ve done that my whole life.”