Tranquilized Bear Makes A Soft Landing [PHOTO]

Unreal.  University of Colorado Boulder senior Andy Duann captured this outrageous photo of a 200-lb bear who wandered through the Bear Creek apartment complex and up a tree, according to People Magazine.

Duann, a photographer for student newspaper, U Independent,  was made aware of the bear shananigans happening nearby by a friend.  

“Without brushing my teeth, I pulled my pants on and ran all the way down five floors and across the school,” he told People.  The culprit was “just hanging out in the tree,” according to Ryan Huff, a campus police spokesman.  “He rested on a branch and stayed there for about two hours.” 

The states parks & recreation department then came in with tranquilizers, while the campus police used a mat to soften the blow of the fall.

“The bear landed on his back,” Huff said, “in what seemed to be a perfect landing.”

And how is Duann doing now that he’s taken one of the coolest shots we’ve seen in years?  “I was so excited,” Duann told the mag. “I was late for class, but it was such a rush.”

Totally worth it.

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