Tramps Settle


Well, you can’t hurl a laptop onto an old woman in a wheelchair and come out smelling like a rose, ladies. Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards have agreed to a confidential settlement with a pair of photogs that they rolled up on while filming their film “Blonde and Blonder” in Canada last year.

In legal documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, Scott Cosman and Rik Fedyck agreed to drop their lawsuit against the ladies, in exchange for a confidential settlement. The two guys claimed they had “nightmares,” after Richards called them “f**king c**ksucker at least 12-15 times as well as scumbags, douche bags and paparazzi scum.”

HAH! Did he just say they had nightmares? HAH! Granted, two middle-aged floozies attacking you can be a little alarming, but you have a complex now? I’ll never watch “Baywatch” or “Wild Things” again without anxiety attacks! Shut up! It’s funny that these middle-aged Moms have such dirty mouths. They must be fun to drink with. “Mommy, what’s a douchebag?” If you’ll recall, Denise flung one of their laptops off a balcony and it struck some old biddy on a Lark or something. Nice move, dumbass. You can see why Sheen is saying she’s stalking his fiancee and loves the paparazzi chasing her. She’s crackers.